community groups

Here at Sojourner, we believe that becoming and being a Christian is not just an individual thing, it is also a corporate endeavor. The Gospel saves individuals, but it saves and grows those individuals in a community that we call the body of Christ, the Church, or simply the family of God.

Practically, that means people are given resources to encourage faith, and one of those resources is in fact other people. Sunday worship is foundational to the Christian life, but sometimes interaction, sharing, and simply getting to know others can practically be limited, and if you are new to church, a Sunday can even be intimidating.

That is why we would like to encourage you to check out a community group! It is a more low key, intimate, and safe place to encourage (and even question) faith, where people can not only begin to get to know others over food and fun, but also to find a deeper level of fellowship as we share our lives together, both practically and spiritually.

Regional Community Groups

Our groups meet on various days during the week to engage in fellowship and prayer. 

Please contact Pastor Francis if you are interested in joining a group.

Brian ( -  Saturday (Bergen County)
Leson ( - Saturday (Westchester County/Upper Bergen County)
Jason ( - Saturday (Bergen County)
Zae ( - Tuesday (New York City)
Pastor Francis ( - Friday (Bergen County)